The (Un)Intended Consequences of Healthcare

It looks like the Obama administration knew that many Americans would not be able to keep their current health coverage if they purchase insurance on their own (and not through an employer).  Is this a surprise?  It is hard to imagine that a massive government program that is attempting to combine a market-based insurance system with a government mandate would be able to properly calculate the price of a policy.  The government has no choice (because it lacks the information necessary) but to price an insurance policy by some arbitrary means.  Given your income level, number of dependents, net worth, etc. your should pay X for health insurance.  Also, it is impossible for the government to set the price and  allow you to properly value your own heath risk.

Consequently, you have a system that penalizes the health conscious middle-income earner because he must subsidize the a category of individuals in the Obamacare “calculation” that are paying less and are likely less healthy.

The government cannot engage in market calculation.  There is too much information known only to the individual and his unique circumstances, and when the government sets the price (or at least mandates a certain range of coverage and prices) the result a gross misallocation of resources.

Maybe this is what the Obama administration intended?  Some have said this will move the American system closer to a fully government-run system eliminating private insurance all together.  Whether this is true or not, the current system is likely to collapse under its own dysfunction.